Best Ways To Get Free Coins In 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool is an online game that is played on the mobile phone. Created by Miniclip, it is a free game that can be played against others in a one-on-one match. You get rewards in the form of Pool Coins and you climb up Levels as you win many rounds. With cues and cloths, you can customize your game at the Pool Shop. This billiards game is free and can be played on the iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch as well as on all Android devices.


The Game in Brief


The 8-ball pool game is played with balls that are numbered. There are 16 balls in all. One ball is called the cue ball and is played along with numbered balls, that are 15 in number. One among 15 is a black ball, which is also the 8th ball. The first player plays with 7 balls which are termed as solid-colored balls and are numbered from 1 to 7, while the other player balls with the other 7 balls also called as the striped balls which are numbered from 9-15. Each player will have to pocket the balls of his team. The last ball to be pocketed is the 8-ball. The player who pockets the last or the 8-ball is finalized as the winner of the game.


The player will have to place the cue ball on a small dot that is located within the table, on the felt. It is placed away from the center and away from the length of the table too. This is called as the head spot and the line running through this spot is called as the head-string. There is a triangular shaped pool rack which has to be place away from the head spot. One corner should face the break. The rack should be centered laterally with the foot string. Once the players are ready, the frame should be removed from the balls without disturbing them as they will remain undisturbed on the table.  Once the table is set, the game can start.


Six pockets are found on the table. The four corners have four pockets and the length sides of the table have an extra hole in the center of its side. The groups have to determine the choice of balls that they are playing. Once the player pockets the first ball, that particular group of balls becomes his and he has to pocket those type of balls alone throughout the game. Choose balls that are easy to strike. Each player has to aim at pocketing either all the striped balls or all the solid balls. The first ball, he pockets sets the trend for him Be clear about the type of balls chosen. The 8-ball can be shot only after the other seven in his group have been shot into the pocket. When the 8-ball is finally pocketed, it ends the game. The game ends even with committing wrong actions. To collect various coins, he has to win games continuously. He can also win using guide for coins to collect free coins and free assistance.


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